2012 movie

2012 movie

its great!

sure, its ultra stupid and cheesy and whenever they talk you just can not wait for action to start, but when it does start its so good.

i do not remember when i had so much fun watching a movie. i loved star wars movies, watched lord of the rings so many times in cinema, but i expected those movies to entertain me. 2012 is a complete surprise and thats what made it so much fun.

here are some facts why this movie is so great:

movie starts with an excellent limo ride, goes into a small plane ride, goes into a big plane ride, goes into bizarre huge boats with half a million people in them. its a constant upgrade over more than two hours. its genius.

there are so many crazy comic book characters in the movie and somehow they are all cool. the crazy guy in yellowstone, the russian, his girlfriend, his kids, sasha, russian pilot, the russian boxer, american president, his daughter, plastic surgeon, wife, kids, writer, indian scientist and his wife with fish curry… the list goes on and on and on… i mean, i have never watched a movie with so many funny goofy yet memorable characters.

video game like 10min action scenes just made me jump, scream and clap. i was like a teenage girl on an elvis presley concert. i do not think the guy next to me appreciated it but whatever, it was an immense experience to watch these cars, aeroplanes, ships navigate from death to survival all the time. super intense, super engaging, just excellent how its all put together. if there ever was a movie which mastered the art of an intense near death scene this is it. 2012 is michelangelo’s sistine chapel of near disaster scenes.

extreme mix of super strong love and relationships on all levels juxtaposed with amazing amount of unavoidable death. love and death sell best and in this movie there are about 6 billion people dieing in about 100.000 ways (you can actually see it all) but there is equal amount of most intense love and sacrifice ever 2 minutes. there is so much of this emotion, and yes! it is super cheesy but it works so well. it is like a good pop song, you know its stupid but you can not resist it and might as well just let go.

2012 is a masterpiece!

see it!

of course to enjoy a movie like this you have to leave all your pretension at the cinema entrance. it is a fun movie, not an artsy philosophical one. and do see it in cinema, i see no point in watching this at home. you need people around you in spite of swine flu pandemic.

i particularly love when serbian audience claps when karpov talks to bentley! such a classic!