something new chicago 11/11 impressions

angela tosic

something new chicago 11/11 is over.

this is second something new i was part of – first one was in london 2006 – and this one grew significantly. we had 41 art pieces and all of them seemed super cool to me.

i did two pieces which i am very happy about. i did my first sculpture – a broken toothpick – and i organized a performance piece which included my poetry being read by two girls, friends of angela, and background music by angela. it seems people react better to my poems when someone else reads them. this seems normal cause i was always bad at public reading. from now on i will try to organize readings of my poetry so some cute sexy girls read them.

sarah did a lot of work for something new, in my opinion she did way more than it is necessary. but this is part of it i guess. this is knowhow which we will be able to put into the next something new.

i also think some people who participated did not fully understand the concept while some reacted very well. however there is no proper way to react. something new in essence is an experiment and no particular results are needed, it is important to interact with the concept (the event) and learn from the experience – thats all. there are no goals like large audience, big success, anything like that… it sort of just floats… it is as full as you fill it, no one will fill it for you.

if someone feels like there is a lack of success in the event they should examine their own point of view towards the event first… something new event by default has no standard or requirement for success.

something new was a success already 10 years ago.

was great to meet all the people involved and i hope we soon do something new somewhere else.

we need to figure out the management system which can allow us to grow to maybe few hundred art pieces and this takes some figuring out. we will let you know what the next location is.

very happy about this one… life goes on…