35th birthday wishlist

kindle gift card


if you have followed my blog or you know me, you should know that i really love my birthday.

what i love about it is:

– meeting friends in one place at the same time

– getting gifts and being surprised that someone took time to think what to get me


my 35th birthday is next saturday, 29th december 2012.


in case you have a problem figuring which gift to get me, this is my birthday gift wishlist:

– black socks

– nike running clothing. i switched 100% to nike for running shoes and clothing. i wear S and foot size is 41

– any cotton shirt, size small, without any graphics on it, just plain color

kindle gift cards. 5 to 10 euro is great. i usually buy kindle books at around 10-15 euro

– tickets to banjica swimming pool. this would make me happy because it is an obligation to use the ticket

– can of coca cola

– a4 paper

– mcdonald’s coupons and vouchers

– cinema tickets for kolosej or cineplexx, for most movies except kids and serbian movies

– cash. i love that cash is simple. i am really very happy with 10 euro. i value money a lot


if you are a big spender then:

– hugo boss black label white shirt size 38

– any art, architecture, or photography book with lots of photos

– massage


what not to buy:

– printed books with lots of text

– sports clothing which is not nike