50km in 3h 54mi 36sec


imagine running through a crown on above photo.

that is how the race was today.

why would someone make a race on saturday morning in a place where half a million people go for a walk.

this pissed me off – which was good, it was energy i needed to finish.

i bumped / hit / crashed into at least 100 people.

this took enormous energy from me.

literally felt like wrestling. not only bumping into people but mental energy. also turning left right at 4:30/km.

organizer is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

after 35km i realized i will not be able to finish a race like this, i was exhausted and fed up.

i just decided to run the last 15km on my own outside the race (i quit again).

as soon as i got on a normal road i was doing sub 4:20/km but it was too late.

damage was one, fatigue was there and there was not enough time to improve the average speed.

also i was too tired for running 35km at 4:40 – this is an easy pace for me at this distance.

i am happy with the result as it was a long run in the context of a race.

and a test, not for fitness but some general things like eating, technique, feelings…

i will write a report tomorrow.

4:41/km for 50km is ok i think.