50km race report

what i learned

– as ole sad, i did not need more than 2h easy runs to prepare for this

– i can run this faster, i did not taper nor take the race seriously, it was long run level

– need to work on nutrition, did not eat enough, need more salt

– my hip flexors were tight after first 2h, need to fix this, might be a technique problem

– as ole said, mental focus on technique (especially cadence) in last 25% helped a lot

– i think in a year i would be able to run this on 100km, we shall see, i hope

– i am still heavy with 63.5kg, at 58-59kg sub 4:20/km pace should be more realistic

– rhythm is everything – exactly that i did not have in this race for even a minute

– running 1km up and down through people is devastating

– i enjoyed the long slow monotonous run, i am ready for more, sport suits me (for now at least)

– technique, weight and nutrition is how these races are won

– 100km will be all about control, food and relaxation

– there is no finishing in these races, its all about metronome racing

– pace i do in the first km should be the pace i do in each km

– music is good

– would not have made it without martina’s help with food and drink

– started with water, moved to energy drink, then coca cola and finally red bull

– i am heat hypersensitive, need to run shirtless or find the shirt which is almost like shirtless

– i was very close to punching someone, anger is great motivation, heavy metal in ipod did not help

– four of my toenails are ruined, im genetically sensitive this way, thanks to my father’s genes

– anticipated problems for 100km: energy, dehydration, toenails, hip flexors