alien vs predator requiem

alien vs predator: requiem

i have just came back from alien vs predator requiem and i loved it.

i mean what else can i say. it is hardly movie of the century but i have grown up with aliens and predator and i am programmed to enjoy such movies. it is a sure hit with me always no matter what kind of a crap the movie is.

one thing i would appreciate and that is if terminator would somehow show up in the movie. also gandalf and darth vader would be very welcome. it would be cool to see predator vs alien vs gandalf vs sith vs terminator.

only thing that would be awkward is that arnold schwarzeneger, governor of california, has both played in predator and terminator (no wonder he is a governor).

before such movie is made i warmly recommend alien vs predator requiem to anyone who is either into brutally direct plots (can you be more brutal than making a movie about aliens eating new born babies) or just has grown up with these kind of fiction archetypes.

let me know if you enjoyed it.