30th birthday

yesterday was my 30th birthday. i arranged a small party on clifton 4th beach and made pasta and we had the heaviest chocolate cake in the world. seriously, this cake was like chocolate uranium. all of us could hardly eat one third of it.

anyway, i had a great birthday. had a nice 90 min run in the morning on the seapoint promenade with aubrey and andrew, than i starved a bit (i’m on a diet these days), than i went to giovanni’s to have a coffee with martina and i ended up talking to an older cyclists who told me some way too long story about his blind friend. i tried to appreciate the story but it was too long. nice guy though. than nicola picked us up and we went to clifton 4th beach and met the others and ate the ton of food martina and i prepared.

many people i invited did not show up, many new people did show up. i’m not really stuck on the “quality” of people that come, i care about quantity. this might seam like a strange thing to say: it means that i do not care if i know someone for 10 years or 10 minutes, i am happy to share a moment and food with anyone.

i am glad neb showed up, i was quite confused and frustrated with him for the past year since we did not speak much. he seamed relaxed so that’s good. per, swedish photographer who lives in cape town, showed up and i like seeing him, he is always chilled and interesting to me. my sister’s boyfriend paolo is actually in cape town on vacation so he came with his brother but only for a bit. he did not taste the cake. we still have a lot of leftovers so ill see that i keep some for him when we meet again in few days.

btw paolo is by far my favourite of all my sister’s boyfriends. this does not mean he is the best guy in the world – after all her previous boyfriends were all so and so – it just means he is an ok and cool guy. i mean, he sells aeroplanes so that’s super interesting although i do not care about it.

i ate so much and than i jumped a lot in the sand and than i ate even more. at the end i was ready to puke and almost did puke few times. i went to bed, watched the magnificent seven on dvd for a while and fell to a wonderful sleep.

many people were kind of weird about my 30th birthday, like i am going to explode or something. i find it a bit tiring that people are obsessed with numbers in their lives. giving importance to numbers like age or whatever is superstition and irrational. it is a reflection of the lack of self-confidence. nothing special will happen on any particular date or hour or anything related to a number.

birthdays are exactly about what i have used it for – a nice party on the beach.

see the photos from my birthday here.