another skype poetry reading

charles baudelaire

just finished the skype poetry reading for what we know event.

skype poetry readings are quite cool in fact for many reasons:

no need to travel – travel is not welcome in my routine because it disturbs my training too much.

i can sit naked in my living room and just wear a t-shirt while i am reading poetry to an audience (i have not done that yet though).

– if it is in another time zone i usually wake up in the middle of the night to do it and that is kind of mysterious – like i am doing some secret or special work while everybody here sleeps.

if you were at what we know show please send me any comments on how i can improve my reading. some poems i have not read in a long time and i have also always been a horrible reader of my own stuff. i actually read very very little while i write a lot, so i am a bad reader and a fast typer.

i can not really say i am a good writer because i can hardly compose a proper sentence so i have to hide in the realms of experiments and jokes.

however, no matter how insecure i feel about the way i do stuff, when i see more established poetry readers i get so super bored by how they do it, and i realize i am probably doing stuff if not better than at least around what they do. i can not be that boring!

i don’t know.

i do too many things so i do not have enough time to research the whole thing so i rely on weird forms of marketing to get the minimal activity going. issue is in combining things like hard core ironman training, online consulting work, art and god knows what else i do.

i am sure that in next 3-5 years the technique for skype poetry reading will develop a great deal – higher res videos, maybe a more organized stage on my side, bigger projections on audience side… etc…

however i do enjoy so much being in front of live crowd and it helps me react and skype can never help with that.

anyway, thank you for your feedback.