ironman world championship: dejan patrcevic and milos kostic are awesome

dejan patrcevic nikola tosic aleksandar sorensen ironman triathlon

i do not know how many of you know that i am an ironman triathlete as well. this means that i compete in triathlon events which consist of 3800m swim, 180km bike and 42.195km. i enjoy this sport as it makes me go out and move around. if i would not train for ironman i would probably have a lot of money, i would weigh 150kg and would have suffered 3 heart attacks by now. this kind of training keeps me in line physically, mentally and emotionally.

my results in sport are more or less a coincidence and not a real goal – but they keep me motivated and make the whole thing fun. i was hoping to turn pro this year at ironman florida but i canceled that. my next goal is sub 9 ironman in challenge roth next year – this is a fast race and there is a chance i can do it, but i need to have a perfect season and a perfect race – which makes it super fun.

it is super cool to have some kind of a silly goal like this and work for it for like 8 months every day. i have never done something like this and it is great research for me.


yesterday was ironman world championship and two of my friends competed:

dejan patrcevic was 24th overall and milos kostic was 1st (world champion) in his age group 65+.

dejan patrcevic ironman triathlete

i have been working with dejan on his branding for two years now, ever since i met him it was clear to me he should be an ironman champ, and finally he has made it in hawaii. i am very happy that he has made thi breakthrough and has fond his place amongst the best in the world. however our real work just starts, i spoke to his agent this night and i hope to meet him and maybe his coach in few weeks and we all plan his next season. i am proud to be part of dejan’s team.

milos kostic ironman triathlete

milos kostic is 68 years old and he is nutts. i mean: he does one marathon, than a week later another, than skips a weekend and does an ironman. that is crazy! and he is 68 years old! he has won world championship again! third time! he is unstoppable! bravo! we met up in ironman austria 2008 and he is just so awesome. i should do an art piece about this guy. very inspirational.


i am very glad they were both so successful.

sports is great because i get to be around people who make it and tahts a nice feeling, it rubs on me a bit and i can fake it as if i have done something. so good… for a day or few days i feel happy.

i suggest you hang out with athletes as well, it is great! there are pleanty of races for any athlete to win so you can feed on their success a bit as well.