another stock market crash

enron logo


i am only 30 and totally not interested in economy and financial stuff, but i have noticed few weird things and obviously thats already more than an average investor has noticed.

first – people in these banks and stock markets traded companies like network solutions back in late 90s. network solutions itself is as solid as a cocain lord trying to sell used cars. the company had illegal monopoly and sold nothing for a lot and based on that its stock price rose 100% each quarter. guys on stock markets thought this is exactly how it should be and that it is awesome. same goes for another million retarded dot com companies and no wonder there was that thing called dot com crash. and it was good it happened – it cleared out the crap.

second – same guys invested in enron, had it over for lunch, and later it turned out it was a mega super huge scam. at one point i heard enron promissed to transport internet data over electric cables. hey! garbage like network solutions was not enough, dot com crap was not enough, now there were companies that operated in the sphere of science fiction. investors again bought it: awesome! than it crashed.

and now – third – same bullshit over again.

it is always the same story with these people. they pretend to know stuff, they are very arrogant yet insecure. the more insecure they are the more they hide behind buildings and suits. yeah its a cliche but its true. i hate cliches but this one i can not avoid. cliches are cliches because sometimes they have to be true.

and in all of their insecurity they love to advertise themselves in order to get more power and they do get armies of people who trust them. thus an illusion is created, imaginary world of paranoia where money is easy and things work out. and this world can sustain itself for a decade or so. before longer, now shorter. this mass daydream can live a short life but has to explode eventually because it only is a dream.

these investors and bankers are obviously some of the worst and most corrupted ever. the bullshit that comes out of their mouths when they start selling stocks is amazing. the paranoia that they produce. the cheesy sales pitches. wtf! indeed!

i mean, how can anyone be surprised that there is another crash.

even better question: how come there are so many people willing to fall for the same trick over and over again and give these guys the cash.

maybe its better to invest in pakistanian agriculture than manhattan banks.