legoland is in denmark

aleksandar sorensen-markovic ironman

there are only two people who are not allowed in legoland in denmark: both of those people is aleksandar markovic-sorensen, danish ironman, 80’s shit-pop music fan and lover of all kinds of cheap candy just before bed.

usually ironman athletes are boring as watching microsoft windows turn on (most boring thing ever – that blue screen – hello! the gradient did not help!), but aleksandar makes the whole thing fun. i sponsor him with some branding, half assed advice about pr and web “stuff” and he does well. it is not easy to be cool when you emerge from a sport which is so broke and stagnant, in which men wear tight stuff and talk about bikes and have no motivation to be on tv. but aleksandar tries his best and that is why i like to work with him.

check his danish website which will make no sense to you unless you do speak danish (also i think islandic might be similar). even if you do speak danish it might be useless but visit it.