applying for jobs

employee of the month

every now and than i see an ad for a job that i might take. this is very rare. it happens maybe once a year. or even more rare. when i say “job i might take” it means i would move and change my life a lot to focus only on this job. if i do take my time to apply for this job than i am ready to make this big change.

last time i have done it is when i met with nic roope for a position at poke in london. i was happy to go to london and meet him and his partners. but back than i was not really sure if i want an office job, especially in a dark city like london. i just wanted to test myself duringt his interview. i think i came out as a very strange candidate more interested in philosophy of work than actually doing work.

what i always did in interviews, as in general, is try to be as brutally honest as possible and sometimes, when employers are a bit more conservative, this can come out as very very strange. i think it is important to connect with employers at this level, because if it is not happening than only problems will come out of our work. i am not trying to work as a cleaning boy but as close to the top strategic positions as possible and i think it is necessary to be very open to ge there.

while i was filling out this form i actually spent 10 mins answering a question how i got “fired” from my first job in italy, at icon medialab. i mean i was not fired, just that i left in a weird situation. but it was a good moment, there was nothing negative, i was just confused a bit, and i think people at icon were as well. i don’t know. anyway, i tried to explain all this in the application form for this job in states (creative director position in a dot com) and from one side its silly to bother with this but on the other hand i think its important to be open as much as possible so i try hard at it even if i sound like a confused retard.

believe me, being open and even silly always helped me. it filters people who in general would not connect well with me and immediatelly connects me to people who appreciate what i can do. there is no greater happiness in work than to actually work with people who understand you and know how to use you or let you use them to reach common goals. first step to get to this is the job application web form. anyone who bullshits at any point of the process only makes sure that his/her job will not be enjoyable.

i had many bizarre situations with agents and employers of course, many times we do not get each other, and i think its important to walk away and do something else. you should do what you love with people who understand you – even if it means complete destruction.

but how can i know that a job i applied over a web form is great for me. i do not know and this is not important. i am attracted to the idea of this challenge, to not knowing. it is like going into a strange battle or a race – you do not know what to expect but you have to make the best of it – and this is what i like. if i knew stuff i would not want it, than it would be boring. i love the improvisation an uncertainty of a new situation requires.

if i get the job great, if not great.

i am not hoping or anything, it is my once a year. if it happens i will pack my bags and be there in a day, if not i have stuff to do. i am very whatever but whatever happens i will enjoy it.


and yes – i actually did work in offices – believe it or not. i even wore suits. black suits with white shirts. nowdays my goal is to work least for most, not to just work as much as possible to get most. what the point of that strategy? when i chased money i had no time to spend it. i had nothing to spend it on. but i do love corporations if they make something happen, i believe in corporations as legal forms which are very functional in setting good conditions for ideas to develop. they obviously work.

we shall see…