art website sales contract by rafael rozendaal

rafael rozendaal

rafael published a new website which offer an open source / free contract for sales of art websites –

collecting is an important aspect of art. i heard somewhere that most profitable investment of 20th century was art. some forms of art are established and standardized like painting. paintings survive for a long time and look good in living rooms. a hotel, restaurant, law office or any individual can buy a painting which not only decorates their space but also can increase in value over time. art is cool in this sense. art can sometimes be described as making things more valuable by giving them a new context.

there are art formats which are not as established but are gaining ground. one art format which is particularly interesting to me is art website. art websites make a lot of sense to me – they can be owned through domain names, but are accessible to millions of people. concept of property is clear which is good for the investment part, yet they are accessible to everybody which again increases their value.

rafael’s art websites in particular are one of the most successful art websites. he is so young yet his art is experienced by more than million people a month. by now maybe 20-30 million people experienced his art websites. large number of these people are aware that this is art and they enjoy it as art.

this offers enormous potential and next step which rafael initiated is natural – open source / free contract which standardizes buying and therefore collecting of art websites.

smart move by rafael. bravo!

art website sales contract .com