body of lies movie

turkish caligraphy

i had a massage today and was listening to vangelis bladerunner soundrack. i was thinking how great that movie is and how genius ridley scott is and how such great movies might not ever be made.

great movies will always be made – what i meant was that such aesthetic is lost as it is the product of particular sentiment which exists only in the past. the changes in culture and technology will never create such films and this makes them even greater.

than i had a party for my club tonight. only one person showed up. it was fine by me. we had great dinner, potatos with some paprika sauce, onions, olives, feta cheese, tomatos, very good combination, and some montenegro wine. than i realized body of lies by ridley scott started showing and we rushed with the food and speed-drove to the multiplex to watch it. we arrived like a minute before it started.

the movie is nice. not great.

i am always entertained by this whole war obsession in american films.

first it is obvious usa can more or less easily obliterate any country within 5 minutes. we are all grateful usa does not decide to do this. so this whole bullshit idea how usa is making a mess cause it does not know how to do war is a joke. usa does exactly what it needs to do. no confusion there.

i am referring to usa as an imaginary entity to describe whoever does the stuff in the name of whatever we consider usa. i would need to write a book about who actually is this or what usa actually is. if someone identifies themselves with this term “usa” than i can not help it.

so the whole movie is kind of a mistake, the message of it. but it is fun and nice to watch. it is an entertaining well told story. stupid conclusion.

i was very inspired by arabs and i love the whole muslim aesthetic. i love turkey, i love their caligraphy and music and food. this movie reminded me how much i love that part of the world and how i need to spend more time there. i hope the mess clears out.

being a serb i think i can have a bit more freedom down there as for some reason all those angry guys there respect us serbs. but than again i look like an american so i might get shot before they figure out i am serb.


the footage of deserts and cities was awesome. i really love the vibe of middle east and arab places.

it is questionable if russell crow gets fat for the his roles or he picks roles in which he can remain fat.