i left neen again

miltos manetas nikola tosic neen milano art show

i left neen – again!

last time i left was several years ago and i paid miltos to get back. i do not remember if i actually paid him or not. i might have. my memory does not serve me so well. i mostly remember when people fucked me over, rather than how i was generous. i need to work on that.


i waited a bit before writing this post…

i left neen cause i was on a long bike ride and i felt like i need to be a lone a bit. i was speeding down some hills, it was kind of cold and miserable but speed was good, felt good, and i just thought: ok, maybe just to try it a bit alone, and see what happens.

as soon as i got back i emailed everybody i am leaving – whatever that means – i have no clue what it means to leave neen.

i was a bit annoyed that i even have to email anybody about cause miltos is kind of possessive about his neenstars, and he was bitching a bit, and rafael asked some of his usual questions (missing the point completely but i love him anyway). i gave a bunch of reasons which are not really reasons.

i think it is good to be adventurous sometimes and provoke some change, no matter how retarded it seems. i mean, for some, neen is not important, for me it is so leaving it is important and it is a big change for me and i feel good about change.

so, i am very stuck on these conceptual abstract group things. i mean, i take it seriously. so i left now. maybe i will be back, maybe not. i do not know what will happen in next five minutes. i might explode!

i need to go to bed.