bogus nonsense is everywhere

bogus nonsense cartoon

more and more people are telling me totally obscure bogus nonsense. i mean, i have no idea where these people come up with these ideas and how can they actually believe it. i am super amazed. most of the time i am restraining not to just leave immediately.

some of these people are my friends but than i wonder: why am i friends with someone who is so delusional, and if i am a friend isn’t it my duty to at least try to introduce them to the reality. but when i do try to question their delusional bubble even a little but they usually became super aggressive (either towards themselves which is usually labelled as depression, or towards me).

these are details but i notice them and i am always amazed by them – actually not amazed since that is maybe a positive emotion – i am horrified and scared as if i am talking to someone who might jump and strangle me. irrationality terrifies me. i need raw data that i can process. that is why we, humans, have developed concepts like distance units and time, and tools to measure them… i can not deal with self-glorifying fake identities or conspiracy theories – these can not be measured nor they make any sense.

some examples are: a guy who swims slower than 60mins on 3800m says he can do 100m intervals at 1:10, starting at 1:40. to many this is a detail they would go over and not even notice, but for me my reaction is: what the fuck are you talking about! it is very simple. it is not possible to swim intervals so fast if you are so slow in the race. now i just start to wonder… the guy seams super convinced he swam this – there are two options: he is that crazy that he made himself believe his own bullshit or he swam in a shorter pool and never really checked if things add up.

it is hard to explain to a non swimmer how bizarre behaviour this is. it is as if an obese person said they broke the world 100m world record. it is equally stupid and impossible.

and i hear stuff like this every day.

a client told me that in siemens they have no project management and that there is absolute chaos – as an argument how she does not need any project management skills to run a web publishing business. okay… very crazy!

i mean, the older people are around me seams they are less and less sane and they start showing it through these little nonsense things they believe and defend every day.

i would like to understand why people say these things and believe them. is it a symptom of maybe some more serious mental problem that will just emerge in a decade or so. i do not know.

most important: do i say such nonsense myself? how delusional am i? i hope i am not. it is totally scary to listen to these people, to interact with them. i would not want to leave such an impression on anyone.