my art posters are on sale

nikola tosic art posters

over the last few years i have designed several posters for different occasions. not only posters actually – i have made stickers, books, wooden plaques, t-shirts, business cards and god knows what else… i have started organizing all this and i would like to sell it over (see also).

i am not sure if this will bring me any money but if motivates me to organize all my print work in the past few years (maybe almost a decade) i think it is a worthy goal. i am not really motivated by profit – i just have an idea of a nice shop with all my designs on it. and also i would like that this website organizes my work and my ideas so you, the visitor, can understand me better.

i have so much work and i have neglected to organize it all – in art, design, sports, writing…

now that i started searching for it on my computers i see that there is so much and also a lot of it is being lost or forgotten. there are also so many videos and photos.

i have always been lazy when it comes to documentation and execution. i always tried to relax and let things disappear. i tried to enjoy their disappearance. but these days i feel like i should at least organize a bit.

however it is inevitable that digital works disappear and everyone who works with digital end-products should not be too attached to them – at some point they will be lost.

this reminds me of vuk cosic and his digital archaeology – it is a nice idea which should be elaborated, or maybe it already is elaborated. one day archaeologists, or maybe already now i am sure, will have to dig through internet and figure out our small histories.

i am happy that there are sites like,,,… that all preserve my works for a small or no compensation.

check out the posters here.