i am utterly bored today. it is such a horrible feeling. i can describe it as absolute lack of interest and ambition and lack of energy for anything.

however i did manage to go out for coffee, meet some friends, go to the beach, had a first run after i was sick and i am writing this post. i managed to watch the worst movie ever: evolution. i was even so interested in who produced such a horribly stupid movie and discovered that the producer also did some of my favourite movies: heavy metal and shivers. amazing!

i still feel totally bored by everything and i am not enjoying this feeling. i do not know if it has anything to do with me being sick for the past 10 days. i have not trained and since i am definitely an endorphin addict i guess this could influence my mood a bit. i would not call myself depressed, i do not know how to describe it (apart the descriptions i already offered).


so horrible and boring…

hopefully it will be gone tomorrow when i wake up.

i just have no interest in doing or achieving anything.