bas jan ader

bas jan ader

found an interesting story about a dutch artist bas jan ander who died during one of his performances. his performance was to sail over an ocean on a small boat. after few weeks contact was lost and he was never seen again. his boat was found later drifting on the coast of ireland and finally later it was stolen.

my longing for romantic happy endings can not stop me from thinking that this was all orchestrated by bas jan ander and that he was never lost at sea, but that he is living in some brazilian village somewhere with some nice cute girl.

or why brazilian – he could easily be in belgrade, serbia, my home town. pleanty of strange people that are hiding over there already.

anyway if you see bas jan ader somewhere please let me know. i would like to be one of the first ones to know if his death at sea was fake or not.

check out bus jan ader wikipedia page.