bullerslug first ever music video game

basstian bosma bullerslug

i got the following email from bastiaan:

hey nikola!
this is your aux raus buddy bastiaan!
i hope you are allright, i’m doing fine
i started a new band
we are now working with a friend of mine on the first ever ‘first person musicvideogame’
you can see a preview from the early gameplay here
this is not a public link, but a link to get sponsors interested etc.
it will be finished in about 6 weeks
it will be a first person game, you can pick up everything you see and throw at the band
the game lasts as long as the song, 2.38 minutes
in that time you have to find three ‘keys’ and get the highest score possible by wrecking and throwing as much stuff as you can
if you find the keys you get to a different part of the bar and you can sit on a couch surrounded by beautiful women and listen to our whole album
we are making a plan together with our record company to get as much publicity for this as possible
that’s why i send you this message; if you have the time could you send me some good blogs, sites, magzines etc about new media / games / game-design / music?
maybe you have some contacts or know a few blogs that would be interested in writing about this project?
it will be much nicer than you can see here, i think it will be very cool so hopefully we can get as much attention for this as possible
thanks in advance!

spread it around please.