chasing ole stougaard

ole stougaard fat

it is good to experience high quality things from time to time. i like to visit a good hotel, wear good clothes, drive a cool car, try interesting food just to get a reference point.

i am in odense, denmark, visiting my client and coach – ole stougaard – and i had a chance to do a track session with him on an university track.

this is – for me – one of those experiences like driving a ferrari or wearing a 5000 euro suit. even more exclusive because a lot of people can drive a ferrari (rent it?) and a lot of people can buy a 5000 euro suit, but only few can be coached personally on a track session by ole stougaard, who – again in my opinion – is one of the most amazing coaches around.

we did pose drills and 8 x 200m at 33-36sec with 200m recovery jogg. i beat him in few (maybe he let me?). i think our leg cadence reached some 220 steps per minute.

ole is racing danish 100km champs on saturday in copenhagen. i will be there to support him.