christopher nolan interstellar review

this is a christopher nolan’s interstellar review written in approx. 10 mins.

it contains spoilers.

movie plot in short

future humans can travel through space and time.

future humans apply a strategy which results in earlier human survival.

thus a time loop is created.

interstellar depicts the very start of the future human strategy.

what is great about the movie

nolan’s attention to aesthetics and detail is very high.

he does not have the warmth and emotion, but the details make up for it.

what is bad about the movie

movie attempts to use hard science as a base for a story.

however, nolan ultimately does not have the capacity to pull this off.

nolan, in case of interstellar, is a pop illustrator, and not a sci-fi writer.

too many errors have been covered by too much eye-candy.

what should have been avoided

interstellar has been positioned very high by press before premiere.

this created very high expectations.

if this was not done, there would have been less disappointment.

what i really did not like

my first reaction was that interstellar is a bad copy of clarke’s and kubrick’s 2001.

there is a strong reason why kubrick worked with clarke, and that is a story.

sci-fi’s soul is a story, it has to be 100 % genius proof.

all other genre requires less story.

this is where nolan fails and essential lack of understanding of the genre.


i always enjoyed lovecrafts depiction of existence in multiple dimensions.

definitely watch 2001 before you watch interstellar.

1990’s ghost is a better story if you want emotions packed in a supernatural narrative.