future humans from interstellar like taking risks



in interstellar future humans designed a process to save human race, including themselves.

any mistake in this process will result in end of human race.

these future humans have following technologies:

– travel anywhere in time;

– travel anywhere in space;

– move people, robots, and other objects through space and time.


these are requirements for the process to work well and save the human race:

– cooper must fall in a black hole;

– at the same time cooper is in the black hole, also a robot must fall in;

– cooper and robot must be able to communicate inside a black hole;

– while in black hole, of all places in the universe, cooper can only access murphy’s room;

– cooper can access murphy’s room at any point in time by gliding between rooms at different times;

– cooper can change murphy’s room by moving objects less than a centimeter;

– cooper must know how to by code black hole raw data in binary code;

– cooper must invent a method to communicate that binary code to murphy by moving objects in her room;

– murphy must be able to read binary code and know what to do with the black hole data.

if any of the above conditions is not met, human race dies and future humans never exist.


i wonder if the writers of interstellar could have came up with something more realistic.

here are few suggestions what future humans could have done to save the human race:

– email at least 200 relevant individuals and institutions with clear well written instructions;

– do what general zod did in man of steel – take over every screen and clearly say what you need done.


here are some movie examples of good and bad ways humans are communicated instructions:

– in prometheus, cave drawings are used as a map to a military testing planet

– in 2001, monolith serves as a test for humans, once reached it notifies the aliens

– in contact, aliens give us instructions how to reach them, only problem is aliens use 3d paper


i have to conclude,

since i started enjoying sci fi, i never saw such a nonsensical story as interstellar.