daily lunch break mtb adrenalin fix

kosutnjak bike park

in belgrade, weather is still hot and dry enough to ride mtb in light autumn clothing.

almost every lunch i ride my mtb in a local park.

rides are usually 90 mins.

the park has couple of nice downhills with a variety of jumps and lots of single track.

it is only 10 mins from my home and office – a luxury!

at first, the rides were a form of meditation and relaxation.

but now i got much more confident with downhill and jumps, so i discovered the adrenalin fix.

i am just a beginner, but i still manage 40+ kmh on a downhill and i can link 3-5 jumps.

first time i did this my legs were shaking for 5 mins.

i had a nice adrenalin fix.

now i do 2-3 of these downhill + jumps for a lunch break.

i can connect up to 4-5 mins of fast riding with lots of tech stuff.

for entire time of this i feeling the rush.

nice! love it!

i think i am getting addicted.