david lynch vs freakonomics

david lynch

i did a very stupid thing: i went to bed at 2am and woke up at 9am. this is only 7 hours of sleep third night from a marathon.

i am sleepy and moody / bored all day today. i actually wrote a very negative post a while ago and than i realized how this is my bad mood due to sleep deprivation talking so i deleted it. i will not tell you what the post was about. maybe some other day.

anyway i walked to a bookstore and i got few books. one book i immediately loved: catching the big fish by david lynch (davidlynchfoundation.org). another book i had to buy because for some stupid reason i think its important for me to be aware of it although i have been avoiding its purchase for ages now: freakonomics by steven levitt and stephen dubner (freakonomicsbook.com).

i can not stress enough how fun it is for me to read david lynch book and what boredom it is to force myself to read freakonomics. i read only a bit of each book while i was trying to fall asleep and i really enjoy catching big fish, and i am super annoyed by freakonomics.

it is normal that worst books are more popular (maybe steven levitt has some cheap stats and theories on that!) but david lynch is david lynch – he is simply super cool. freakonomics is something most middle managament will love today and forget tomorrow, but david lynch will be studied and respected 10.000 years from now and you just can not beat that. it is always the weak who sell out for some cash and trully strong ones who have their own place in the things. i read like 20 pages of freakonomics and i got absolutely no valuable information, i read two words of david lynch and i learned enough to last me a year or two.

freakonomics = super boring

catching the big fish = super cool