ljubljana marathon and shopping

nikola tosic ljubljana slovenia

i have ran ljubljana marathon yesterday. i ran over the distance of 42.49km in 2:46:26 with average heart rate of 177. this is exactly as i anticipated – 3:55min/km.

the run was hilly and cold and marathon was so and so – it has some character but far from world’s best.

i enjoyed being able to run so long so fast, it is fun.

i dread the day when i am not able to go fast, when i start being slow, it will mean i am closer to old age and eventually death. bummer.

now i will rest a bit. i wanted to visit venezia but i am too lazy to drive. i bough some wine, h&m shirt, a new cycling helmet (super happy about this one cause it is very small and does not make me look so much as a dork) and some other little stuff. shopping is fun, it is relaxing and good for the ego. even if you shop with 10 euros it is still satisfying. you always feel good when you own stuff. this is an interesting human feature which is cool but some people do get carried away in extremes. just the right amount of diversified shopping is always very healthy. no shopping or too focused shopping (like only buying fashion stuff) gets boring and eventually stupid.

h&m makes shopping easy and useful as therapy. you end up spending little and gaining much in emotional gratification. and you get to do it often cause its cheap. also it is colorful. it is something futurists told us to do ages ago and now it is coming to life. shopping in the future will be much more dynamic, it makes me excited.

building face

being fast is good but i want to be faster.

i will write next when i am home.

my mind is full of ideas.