ethical mess around john mccain support

on one side i am a strong supporter of no military (why do we have military anyway?) and on the other side i am supporting john mccain for president who is a pro-military and ex-military kind of guy. also i am a supporter of george martorano who is a supporter of barak obama. there is an ethical controversy in my own work around john mccain.

if you look at all these projects they will apear to be a mess.

but my or any other art work is not about simplicity but about the complexity of messages. i am not selling detergent here so i do not feel like i have to be clear and simple in my views. also my goals are not simple so my methods can not be simple (i do not think it is necessary that complex goals require equally complex methods but in this case it is true).

i will not explain why i have involved myself in this controversial mess, i can only say that it is exactly as i want it to be (yeah right! :) ).

thank you for your attention.

and please, if you are in military, do quit it and get a proper job like baker or fitness coach.