world record: slowest half marathon win

nikola tosic

just got back from a road trip in croatia. i won a silly half marathon race. my first win. i have set a world record for slowest half marathon win with 1 hour 27 minutes 47 seconds. i did first 5k fast to create a gap and than i just cruised at 4:20 or so till i finished. i made sure second placed could not see me, i was going at minimal speed enough so he/she can not see me before i go around a corner. tricky ah?

i had lots of food, i am exhaused.

had lots of genius ideas as always. met few people. was fun.

here are the photos.

i met with aleksandar and dejan from my company triathlon team. they are both cool and super good ironman athletes. it is great to sponsor athletes, i feel so useful and important. it compensates for my small penis for sure. :)

other than that it was great.

my club hermes is growing, i think we have somewhere around 70 members now! thats 70 people who ask me for stuff every day and who train using our method of training. thats great! a lot of people.

some members are having trouble – one got back problems while cycling in croatia, another one got heart problems, one has super low confidence… everybody has a problem so i help solve it. i learned to be super efficient at solving problems. takes me like few minutes to give advice. it is fun.

anyway, i am back home, just had a massage, updated the blip and some blogs.

some good writing will come. i have some shows coming up in milano and chicago as well. also some races in usa and than i need to plan the next season. i hope for south africa again and maybe japan. we will see. 2009 should be fun. in sports one has to plan ahead always which is interesting. always two to three years ahead and very detailed at least 12 months ahead.

thats fun for me – planning.

i got a nice straw hat.