failure of noam chomsky

Noam Chomsky Heading to Vietnam

i was always impressed by noam chomsky’s dedication to spreading his ideas and beliefs.

however he has failed considerably. such energy invested in such minor results.

i am amazed that someone who can understand the function of a word in human understanding and behavior has been such a bad practial user of it.

i am sorry to write this while noam is still alive, i believe if he reads this he will realize i was right and see his life as partially wasted.

why is he a failure?

i can not explain it, but i will try.

he is disconnected and was unable to enter the mainstream, because, simply he is a nerd. he was unable to organize himself and see what really is necessary to convince people of his ideas. he understood the importance of tv appearances and publishing etc… but never pushed himself to do it seriously.

noam should have worked with usher.

idea is worth nothing. execution is worth everything. execution needs to be adjusted minute by minute. that’s the challenge of technology (be it voice or some sci-fi stuff).

i am sorry for noam chomsky, but i respect him deeply. he is a machine. such sacrifice. he is a hero but did not push hard enough.