few things that i just did

ice T

wrote few more super long abstract quasi philosophy facebook messages regarding my extensive use of curse words and the burger king viral campaign.

got an email about fuck you side ways you fuck you duck crazy shit man yeah .com with following text:

“I came across your domain while surfing high on weed. In occurred to me that you must have been high too when you bought this name. So three cheers to the marijuana gods!”

i guess i was told its good and bad to curse in the same moment. i appreciate both and both are right.

watching beastie boys sabotage + empire strikes back (nice combination!) on youtube.com while metallica empirial march and ice t’s hustler plays on blip.fm.

how can i not curse when i listen to ice t, beastie boys (not sure if they ever curse but they sound like they curse) and metallica (also do they ever curse?). i grew up on this even though im from a weird country, we did have mtv fortunately.

interesting moments… as ice t says:

race like a pit bull, my heart pumps nytro!

words to live by.

i am tempted to write “fuck yeah” but i wont!

i do know ice t is ultimate trash, so is metallica, but to us, on this side of this planet, they have some kind of a weird appeal… we can not resist it… just like cursing in english.