which song you want your life to be?

martina clifton

some believe that having some kind of a vision or a goal makes it easier to reach a certain state.

this seams quite logical but than again i am always skeptical as i can always find a lot of examples how this is not really true.

but lets entertain the idea that having a vision about how your life should be can actually make your life better.

this for sure will work for some people.

and lets say that this vision can be described with a song.

so which sound would you like your life to be?

i have chosen two songs which i consistently loved for almost past two decades:

chis rea – on the beach

black – wonderful life

sure, i love much more hard core music, and much more bizarre music, but time after time i return to these two songs as some kind of a model for how things should be. i really do not want my life to be like blue oyster cult – veteran of psychic wars, or something from 2 pac or nirvana.

which song you want your life to be?