freedom from military

srebrenica mass grave

military is an organization designed for conflict.

anything else military does is just marketing itself in time when there is no conflict.

only purpose, only idea behind any single action in military is to destroy the enemy.

how this destruction happens again is dictated by marketing.

if there is little media coverage destruction is absolute, if there is a media center that focuses on the activity destruction is controlled.

this is normal. this is predictable. this is the only way.

how can you confirm this?

well if you were ever involved in any form of strategic planning you would realize that this is the only option.

military exists for the purpose of destroying enemies, there is only one way enemies can be destroyed – absolute destruction.

very military strives for this, but within marketing limitations (sometimes referred to as social, cultural, ethical limitations).


finally serbia cancelled obligatory military service.

i have successfully avoided serving military for 14 years (since i was 18).

i have not spend one second being part of a military organization and i hope i never will.

there is also a matter of social service which in essence is slavery, but has nothing to do with destruction.

but that is a subject for another post.

it is a good day.