absolute failure of serbian institutions

boris tadic

serbia is one fucked up country. zero idea about how business or anything should be managed. it is also a country with an excellent sense of marketing. it gives an illusion of a progressing country with cheap tricks and politics.

last week i went to a dentist, i was not happy they smoked in the operating room (a 5000 euro fine should be issued), i was thrown out in the middle of procedure for being moody about this (i did not even complain, just not very happy). after explaining that maybe breaking the law by smoking in an operating room is not very smart, i was told to fuck off. the dentist was a 30 something girl, my age.

in the mean time government officials openly request bribe to set up tenders in government institutions without any fear of being prosecuted. these are some of the highest government officials, also members of the ruling political party.

all these people, on all levels, feel very relaxed to break some of the most basic state and moral laws. there is zero fear from being prosecuted by law or society and they are super relaxed about hurting, extorting and stealing.

all levels of society and all activities are corrupted by this way of interacting.

what can be done?

nothing. maybe in some 25-50 years, when few generations change, something will change. for now, it is an utter absolute failure of institutions: of police, health, education… an idea of serbia serves one purpose – a marketing cover up for individuals to steal.

i am skeptical about every bank, every eu institution, every army that gets involved here as serbia has been for past two decades a perfect playground for any kind of a criminal – be it someone like nato or guy selling second hand potatoes on the food market.

in such a situation it is not a surprise that football fans feel so relaxed to go to another country and openly break the law thinking that all countries have such tolerance of criminal behavior as serbia.

in serbia it is normal you are a criminal, and this is a fact. people who grew up in this society have a hard time to adjust outside.

why are they criminals?

it dos not really matter why because it is always a matter of momentary choice, but i will try to answer: they have never been educated that it is not necessary to cheat to gain profit. crime is a way to gain value by breaking the law. crime in essence is highly inefficient. you have no laws to help you, no services, no banks, nothing. it is absolutely the worst way to gain profit.

but people here never got a chance to figure out another way. in schools they have not been shown they can do it properly.

for every euro you make in crime with same intelligence and energy you can make 10 euros in official activities. simple as that. criminals in essence are people who – for some reason – choose to do things in the wrong way. they have the same goals but just go about it differently.

most cases its a problem of them not getting it what the right way is.

serbia was deliberately isolated for about 15 years. it is no wonder that people here did not learn to do things in a proper way. in their view all institutions from local to national to international are acting criminally. there is no belief that anything can be done without breaking the moral and government laws.

who is to blame for this?

idiots who thought that isolating a small country in europe can be considered a proper social solution. it is the worst form of social engineering ever thought of. also idiots who outsourced the crime to serbia like nato and eu officials who are still deciding to export some 100.000 illegal immigrants to serbia as soon as it enters eu.

as history passes, isolating entire nations like serbia, iraq and afghanistan will be considered as worst cruelty in the history of humanity. effects are worst than nuclear bombing. also moving 100.000 people from one place to another makes south african district six seem like a joke.

no one should be surprised why people in serbia are extremely antisocial and just do not know how to do business or fix teeth or cheer for their team in a proper way. they just do not know and we have to wait maybe 50 years for them to learn it.

individual failure is about individual decisions but it is influenced by institutional failure which again is influenced by social engineering. one must never look at now but 10-20 years in history.

problems created by isolating serbia, iraq and other countries by economical and other sanctions will only emerge in next few decades through such antisocial acts as terrorism or what we saw yesterday in genova.

ps – keep in mind that people in serbia is different from serbs. there are more serbs living outside serbia and people in serbia are maybe 80% serbs. serbian citizen is not serb. serb can be second generation german citizen or third generation usa citizen, while serbian citizen can be a croatian, bosnian, hungarian, german, italian…