from today until 1 jan 2050

gdp projections to 2050


1 jan 2050 is 13,510 days away.

this is 36 years, 11 months, and 27 days.

this is also:

– 1,167,264,000 seconds

– 19,454,400 minutes

– 324,240 hours

– 1,930 weeks

i will be 72 years old on 1 jan 2050.

72 years is one year younger than my father is now.

from today to 1 jan 2050 is more or less the same period as from my birth until today.

so, i made this far, and i hope to make it as much again.

so far i had a lot of help – parents, teachers, mentors.

i am not sure how much of that i can expect in next 36 years.

also my body was improving by itself, no matter what i have done to it.

those days are over, and my body is going on a downward slope from now on, unless i train it.

what i do have is a bit more knowledge and experience, or at least i hope i have it.


so, until 2050 i guess need to focus on:

– health and fitness

– being part of supportive communities

– making my experience work for me

– maintaining the same level of financial success

these can be broken down further:


health and fitness

– healthier eating

– aerobic exercising

– strength exercising

– weight management

– flexibility

– overall prevention, especially focus on cardiovascular disease prevention


being part of supportive communities

– grow a family and have kids

– more friends, people with whom i share respect and understanding

– more business partners from whom i can learn and who can learn from me


making experience work for me

i have been doing the same thing for past 15 years – branding.

i should build on that.

to reach the same level of quality in other activity as in branding it would take years.

maybe decades.

that is a luxury i will probably not have in next 36 years.


maintaining the same level of financial success

i am happy with my income for past few years.

more is better, but nothing wrong will happen if it does not happen.

my focus is on quality of my work result and knowledge gained from it, than quantity of financial reward.

i am happy to do exactly what i love doing.