greater than less than: level 2 showing at reversible eye

greater than less than: level 2 sarah weiss

sarah weiss made a film with arturo (don’t know last name) and it is being shown at reverseble eye, 1103 n. california avenue on december 13th at 8pm local time.

sarah is cool and the film is extra super mega weird. what else can i add.

if you are in chicago you should check it out, maybe meet up with sarah and chat to her a bit.

she obviously likes makeup and to star in her own films – sort of narcissistic but if it makes her happy than why not. everybody is a bit in love with themselves but problem with true narcissism is only when your libido is completely turned towards yourself and you loose interest in real sex or even fantasies. this is not really related to sarah’s film but i felt like writing it. whatever…

to be honest i did not have the patience to watch this film all the way through, i watched bits and pieces, but i am just in that kind of mood now, i will give it a try a bit later. i just came back from watching the day the earth stood still so its hard to switch from that kind of medium to this.

i think sarah likes to flirt. i would like to see her show more skin, to be more open about stuff. obviously she is playing around the whole sex thing but she is too scared to jump into the water.

colors are great. music could be rougher.

have fun in chicago…