birthday cake nikola tosic

i wanted to put 99% of the things i have done or i am doing in one place.

it is important that people can get a more complete idea of into where my times, energy and money go.

it is not done, it will take me a bit more time to organize it all, and than i can take some load off this blog and just move most of the stuff there or on other specialized websites.

i still need to add family and some local serbian stuff. and some websites are not done yet.

i am happy finally all is in one place.

but it only reminds me of how much of my work is not online, is lost, forgotten… for more than a decade i have been producing content online. i wish i had a system to keep it all in perfect shape. i need to do get into some digital archeology and dig deep into my server to find some old old stuff. it deserves to be online and active. some nice stuff was done back in the last century when internet was slow and visitors were few.

or maybe dig even before the web, way back.

im not sure about that photo of me riding a horse in cape town.