haessen chung is a friend of mine

haessen chung

few months after i have published nakitu minayashi book (nakituminayashi.com) in holland i received a phone call. it was a south korean girl and she said she found my phone number in the nakitu minayashi book and called me. i really do have the phone number in the book and i also tell everyone to call me. she is the only one who called me so far (that phone number is no longer in use anymore). her name is haessen chung.

that phone call really paid of for her. we became friends although we have never met and we chat online once every 6-10 months for about 2 minutes. however some strange link exists and i do appreciate her and i guess she feels the same. i wonder if we will ever meet.

i sometimes send her stuff through mail (regular snail mail) and she sent me her stuff as well.

years ago i made her a nice website, quite experimental and liberating. check it out here: heassenchung.net. this website was made before wordpress (i divide time in pre and post wordpress) so i had to come up with a way for her to update the content – simple folder system seamed quite sufficient and also very beautiful. maybe this is something yahoo.com could pick up from here?

i really like this logo she designed. i think she should focus on branding maybe, artists need to work on branding, they are so refreshingly original. real branding designers are super boring and stale and therefore we all suffer visually every day because of them.