kosovo independence and mass media

kosovo independence

today is a strange day because part of my country will simply declare they are not part of it and they will become another country. of course for part of one country to become its own country it is necessary for some other important countries to approve and support. kosovo announced declaration of independence for today and probably most western countries, especially usa, will support this.

i am not interested in this fragmentation of territory which is obviously unavoidable. what is always a shock to me is the way mass media treats such events.

it is rare to be involved in a certain event of such magnitude. most events i do see on tv or read about online or in newspapers are somewhere far away and they only serve as light entertainment for my bored mind during few moments when i am not doing another million things i prefer to do. my only source of information is this media and i would need to invest an enormous amount of energy to learn anything else about these events.

but in the case of kosovo, or any other such mess that occurred in serbia, i have the misfortune to get the first hand information. to see it and feel it. this means i see the explosions of bombs, my friends have been shot or have killed others, my father’s factory has been confiscated… and not only bad stuff, there is good stuff as well, but bad stuff is always most dramatical. basically i do get first hand information and i believe that i know what is going on.

in such cases i realize how messed up the mass media presentation really is.

i mean bbc, cnn, major internet websites, it all seams like a huge well orchestrated bullshit campaign that has nothing to do with reality. like a big “say a lot but say nothing” project. and i think who the hell are these people that produce this content. i mean a drunk retarded idiot could give such brainless report of such events. most of it is a direct lie or avoidance of truth of such magnitude that i can only compare it to fairytales. if you would actually talk to people the way mass media talks to you people would immediately conclude you are crazy.

so i am not annoyed by kosovo issue nor anything so practical. what annoys me is that in such cases i am shaken out of my escapist bubble and realize how manipulative media is.

yes! it is a clich̩ as old as drawings on the caves: mass media is evil. but hey! Рit is not something that should be forgotten and it can not be forgotten. just because the clich̩ is old and banal i think we should be reminded every day that we allowed ourselves to depend on these people, these individuals, to serve us such bullshit. and we believe it.

i mean, i am only frustrated because i get in touch with reality – in serbia and in south africa. i see the huge divide between the presentation of reality on mass media (complete and utter bullshit) and reality in front of my doorstep and i am annoyed an scared.

that is why i blog…

if you are not annoyed than you are probably hiding very well – you are in a richer area of a richer town in a richer country and you are very very selective where you browse.

do not believe mass media. the information on tv and newspapers and major internet websites is as true as if i would tell you that i can turn the sun off with my farts. it is that silly. unfortunately you need to have a war in your country to realize.

and what is also important is to realize that mass media is not some abstract entity or an alien life form. it is made of individuals who do make a conscious choice to tell us lies every second of their lives, and who do enjoy and suffer this power. the term mass media only makes it easier for me to mention these people, nothing more.

i have never met a journalist that works in mass media. i wonder what they think.