happy new 2009

happy new year

i usually sleep over the new year, somehow never get organized for it. my birthday is few days before, martina’s few days after, so it seems a bit too much to do something for new year as well.

but besides me sleeping it over i wish you a good new year.

it is a good idea to have one holiday which everybody in the world celebrates.

when i was a kid in serbia we had only two and later three tv channels. one would play a movie marathon on new year, maybe 48+ hours of non stop movies including superman 1 2, alien etc… i would love this. parents would make an improvised bed in front of a tv and i would try to stay awake as much as i could to watch as many movies as possible. simple fun. so good.

i still adore movies but it is hard to enjoy them so much when you can download them and play them any time. that is why i love going to cinema.