house cleaning










today i spontaneously decided to clean my apartment.

after few hours i discovered amazing things.

– maybe 200-300 cotton t-shirts! this is for real. i have hundreds of t-shirts of which most i never wore. mostly bought by my parents on their travels. think of parents who wish to communicate to their child but due to serbian mentality can not really talk to do stuff together so they spend a decade compulsively buy t-shirt.

– several sets of flippers!

– three computers! not including the two martina and i use. i have a computer from 20 years ago, from 10 years ago and from 5 years ago. i also have a bunch of stuff for these computers, none of which works with usbs. those small cute plastic floppies!

– literally at least 10.000 euro worth of designer clothing. i never realized i spent so much on designer clothing. this is amazing! i am amazed! i am sure few managers at d&g and armani survived for few years on my shopping alone. if you work in d&g and armani send me a “thank you” card.

– more than 10 pairs of running shoes including a whole history of asics ds trainer. i could open a museum.

– a lot of heart rate monitor straps!

– all business cards i ever made for myself starting late 90s until recently. in 1000s. business card printing is cheap in serbia!

– fireworks!

– a tiny christmas tree!

– boxing gloves, groin and tooth protectors.

– a synthesizer. 80s!

and much much more…

i am amazed that so much stuff was hidden.

my apartment seemed quite empty.

suddenly i discovered about a ton of stuff i have not used since i was in puberty.

unfortunately i did not discover what i need the most – pirate treasure.

but who knows, few more hours of digging and i might end up finding aliens, pirates and holy grail.

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