laurence kotlikoff says: usa is bankrupt

if usa is bankrupt where does that put serbia? :)

is a simple rule of business is to keep investing and pray to god nothing bad happens or no one asks questions.

governments are simply businesses and usually quite badly managed.

first governments do not have the luxury of simplicity like businesses.

governments do a lot of things and everybody wants something from them.

businesses sell simple stuff like bread or nails and most of the time no one cares about them.

also governments mostly pay their people badly and it takes ages to become visible (vanity factor).

then it is not a surprise if governments end up with mostly quite bad management.

so should it be a surprise that even some of the biggest governments are in a mess?

this really should not be a surprise.

this is obvious reality, and how things are run.

there is no drama, there is no shock.

if you are surprised than you have been living in an illusion.

beautiful truth about individual’s life in general – and economical life – is that it is a constant messy struggle.

you can hate it and therefore hate your existence and always be annoyed by every breath you take.

or you can love the mess and take it as natural and try to enjoy it.