i have a confession to make

nikola versace

when i was a kid i always played with dolls and i liked to dress them up in pretty skirts and stuff. its not that i did not like tanks and guns (i love them!) but just that these toys never offered enough color and creativity for my specific taste. i need color. i love color.

i also love pop music. whenever madonna or britney spears sing i just loose my mind and i start jumping around. if i am with people and i hear this music i have to restrain myself one million percent not to loose it, because i just love this music so much. i love to dance.

i love to work out in gyms because they make every muscle in my body so hard. its super hard and tight that i can explode like a real weapon. like a bushmaster machine gun, only that i am not a master of a bush. i never was.

when gianni versace was killed i cried for a whole week… secretly.

i have an important confession to make: its april fool’s day! :)

inspired by angelo’s and andreas’ butt post. gottalovegayculture!

i wonder if this impersonation was even close. as someone who aspires to writing i should be able to transform and relate. i should read more butt.