japan copenhagen vienna people photos

aeroflot flight from moscow to tokyo

18 year old sasha was drawing non stop during a 10 hour flight


woman praying at sensōji temple, asakusa, tokyo


catherine poletti, course director, ulra trail mont blanc

very hyped guy, dressed for ultra trail mt. fuji race already a day in advance

aleksandar sorensen shopping

aleksandar sorensen in full gear minutes before ultra trail mt. fuji race

two friends ready for ultra trail mt. fuji race

colorado couple ready for ultra trail mt. fuji race

me waiting for aleksandar sorensen to reach a3 point of ultra trail mt. fuji race

train from kawaguchiko to tokyo

recreational cyclists coming from their weekend ride

train ticket checker


proud mother at wedding of her daughter at imperial hotel, tokyo

two teens waiting to meet the tokyo girls style band in person

couple enjoying the bavaria fest in tokyo hibiya park

tokyo salary men

me just in front of imperial hotel, tokyo

old guy taking his time with a club sandwich at the top of imperial hotel, tokyo

school girl in elevator of imperial hotel, tokyo

couple ready for a wild night

two girls of to a party


7am runner

coffee before work

copenhagen salary men

kid with a fixie


polish guys with a neat anti-gravity trick at center of vienna

vienna tour guide