joel fox comment on the crap and me post

joel fox

your story of taking the crab home reminds me of a story about a boy who was going to kill a moth. the point of the story was that it was more important for the boy weather he killed the moth than for the moth. how the kid decided to treat a tiny life and his reaction to it either way would have a big affect on him and how he would approach life in the future.

sometimes it takes seeing a caged animal, or holding a lizard or something to appreciate other living things. my dad is a biologist and he caught many amazing animals in deserts and jungles and forests, and kept them at home. they pretty much all died after a little while, and they didnt seem to have much fun. but i understand animals a lot more than most people now, i like seeing them in zoos and in the wild and i like leaving them alone. a while ago my dad was hunting wild pigs on an island to get rid of them before they killed the last of the animals that existed only on that island. i would have joined him if i was around, and it would have been exciting. but i don’t eat animals. that would be so inconsiderate!

are you two having a baby like is sounds in nic roope interview?