best of da best

stellenbosch track running

at the moment i am in die laan street in stellenbosch. i think there are more olympic and world championship medals within 500m of me than anywhere else in the world. there are olympic champions, multiple world champions and also plenty of world’s top ten in houses close to the stellenbosch university track, gym and pool. even the french penthatlon and british rowing teams are here.

various display of types of bodies from super lean and fast to super huge and powerful are moving around the town all day in various speeds. there are 18 year old girls who squat five times more than me with just one leg and there are guys who look like terminator without the live tissue.

this year i would like to break the serbian ironman record, improve it a little bit maybe, and than i will see if i keep my sport hobby going. this is why i came here, to do some training and experience the sport life.

but i am a bit bored… and when i am bored i get annoyed, frustrated and negative… and it all just bores me even more.

i am bored intelectualy, ethically, aesthetically and bullshitally – i guess.

athletes are all super cool when they are on tv and you can switch to another channel when you get bored, but when you are around them all the time you realize that focus does not allow much space for discussions about poetry and morality and what john carpenter, lego and nietschze have in common.

i am an alien in a foreign land… i mean i always have been cause i could never really assimilate anywhere… but this is super extreme now. even though i train four hours a day i am not an athlete. i am just a guy who trains a lot. it is not my identity, it is hygiene and a routine – not me.

i mean, i can only think if i talk, and i haven’t got anyone to talk around here.

i guess it is time to move to a place where there are lot of people who talk otherwise i will start talking to trees.

i will try to survive few more months, do the race in july, and then we will see.