learning from tom cruise real

tom cruise

i was watching a weird ingmar bergman movie this morning, while having breakfast and coffee in bed. i wanted to check this movie on imdb.com but i could not find it. i did see a google ad for an official tom cruise website: tomcruise.com. i never knew he had an official website so i went to check it out… and there it was… the awesome showreal of tom cruise… few minutes long mix of his best scenes from most of his movies. it is so good. i learned so much.

for example it reminded me of jerry maguire: help me help you. i also got reminded of the a few good men film which inspires me so much today.

these two movies are so good and their messages are so important to me, especially today, now. maybe last ten days i had a lot of doubts about some ethical issues and suddenly it is all clear to me thanks to these two movies. especially a few good men.

that end speach in the courtroom is so good, i get goosebumps from it.

i mean, tom cruise is a dork, that is for sure, but no one is perfect. he is the filter that makes these messages stronger and it is helpful in certain moments.

this is why movies are so good! i do not have to read a book for a week and consume all the info i do not really need. it is easier to just watch a 90min movie and learn from it, as long as the most crucial narrative elements and moral statements are preserved.

this is why i like to write short texts, it is compact and efficient. books are too long.

if my texts were read by tom cruise they would be so much more efficient.