lockheed martin monax

lockheed martin monax

i sent lockheed martin monax link to andrea toniolo and he was super entertained by it. he says he was laughing all day. it makes sense that they designed products like this.

average iq of soldiers might be bellow 100 (could not find reliable data source yet). i heard a while back spanish military had to lower the iq standards to 80 to fill up. for such low intellectual capacity you need toys – touch and play. smart phone’s are good for this. smart phones are kind of like twine for cats or shiny things for monkeys. they play on “basic animal needs” to practice reflexes and move something around and be active yet not really do anything.

also, soldiers are mostly demotivated. maybe 0,1% of all soldiers in the history of humanity were not depressed or terrified or completely messed up (metaphor). soldiers can hide these feelings and be hardasses but essentially it is not possible to be part of such an organization and be trained to be a murderer without having serious damage to your emotional state.

with such demotivated people you need to entertain them, give them something to be happy about, distract them, keep their mind busy. just like for teenagers or people in menopause, shopping and gadgets are motivating. whenever you are down you buy something and you are happy that day at least.

lockheed martin made products which are not so much function as much as they look like comic books, sci fi movies or advertising, so soldiers who use them can somehow enter this role playing and their motivation might increase. if they use monax they can pretend to be important like a ceo in a commercial. if they use hulc they can pretend to be a super hero, that they belong to a group of people which is technologically superior (gives them confidence). they can feel someone cares about them and also that they are “above” the enemy.

lockheed martin is smart, i guess. after all they are in a very serious business which existed since the dawn of man and they are one of the best that world has seen.

they make toys that look like comic books, that are named like comic books, to motivate bellow average intelligence demotivated soldiers. soon soldiers will be 14 year old kids who play video games. kids are easy to control (mentally and legally) and they learn quickly how to play.

i always preferred raytheon and northrop grumman more.

northrop made the most beautiful plane everflying wing concept b2 spirit bomber.

raytheon was founded by vannevar bush which gives it some points.