weight loss is easy

fat skinny boxer

i set a three week goal for my weight and i reached it today.

what did i do?


wake up – have a coffee with milk (water + bit of milk + nescaffe)

run 2h easy in hills with friends, chat all the time.

last hill (~6min) is done hard at 10km pace to shake up a bit.

during the run i take caffeine gels every 40min (25mg caffeine + 70gr of carbs) and drink energy drink.

not so much that i need this as much as i am practicing for the racing.

after the run drink double espresso with hot milk.

few hours later eat cooked carrots, cooked chicken with tomato sauce.

work a bit and go shopping.

have a decaff double espresso with hot milk.

when back home have a decaff nescaffe with milk (same as in the morning but no caffeine).

eat salad with scampi, avocado and tomatos. eat a bit of cake. drink a glass of white wine.

drink tea in bed.

of course i drank water all day.

what is important is that the day before i ate a lot of pasta and a big dinner.

result is i am 64.2kg this morning.

last time i did this kind of crash dieting was also for 56km ultra (two oceans) and i went down to 58kg in 3 weeks.

i will not go that far, 62-63 is good enough.

i make sure power is there for training.

i switch between days when i eat well and prepare for training, and days when i eat less carbs (like yesterday).

nescaffe with milk helps fill me up.

also i really prefer to train on an empty stomach – i fill up glycogen the day before, not in the morning.

over the last decade i probably burned close to 100kg of body fat.

that should for sure qualify me as some sort of an expert.

weight loss seems super easy to me – when i need it i turn it on and i get the fat out.

i am too lazy to maintain low weight all the time.

i love to eat and i do not think its healthy to be skinny all the time.

one simple rule about weight loss: you must be hungry at night.