marry christmas

i wish to congratulate this christian holiday to all true christians. also i wish to ask you not to send me any chistmas greetings, sms or email because i am an atheist.

although i appreciate any good gesture and anyone who remembers that i exist i also wonder why is it that christians are so aggressive with greetings towards other religious groups. starting with my father who keeps congratulating me christian holidays while i made it clear decades ago i am an atheist. and than almost every other christian i know will congratulate me on christmas and easter.

muslims, buddhists, jews and others never email me any greetings for their holidays and i would like to suggest christians the same approach.

again, my intention is not to be rude towards anyone. i still like to talk to my friends and anyone for any reason, even if it is a christmas greeting, and i do use it as an excuse for conversation to learn more about stuff (just as i am doing it now), but on the other side i think it should be clear i am really not celebrating any religious holidays.

also i have nothing against religion even though i am an anarchist. i do not see that anarchism and religion should have a problem in any way. such is the beauty of anarcho-individualism.

and i do envy people who do believe in god. my life, without this belief, is often filled with fear of death and nothing which is super annoying. if i would believe that there is something nice after death i think i would enjoy things much more, but i do not, so i tend to be nervous sometimes.


marry christmas to all the christians.