mars terraforming and greek shopping

earth mars

watched a documentary on mars terraforming.

seems like its not enough to fuck up one planet.

lets fuck up mars as well.

show presented about dozen strategies how to totally change the planet.

so much of sci-fi we grew up on “promotes” changing other planets to suit our needs.

mars should definitely be declared a protected area.

entire space should be a protected area.

the same show mentioned the speed of light travel.

why would someone want to go faster than the speed of light.

there is enough to do in a local supermarket already.

no need to go anywhere else.

arrived in thessaloniki.

in h&m i got three t-shirts and shorts for 20 euros.

in fokas sports i got arena goggles, swim shorts, pullbuoy and a little thing for my nose – 65 euros.

bought nike dri fit elite vent running socks which have about 2 grams of cloth – 15 euros.